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Serenity Projects is a Karnataka based Construction Company, which brings along with it, years of expertise in construction of residential, commercial and industrial or institutional turnkey projects. Our impact is on iconic structures, bold engineering feats, behind-the-scenes innovation and joined-up thinking. The combined breadth of our capabilities and depth of our technical expertise makes us a true leader in infrastructure.

The dedication of our people and the shared values that unite us gives our clientele the confidence to trust us and do business with us. We have a collective commitment to operate sustainably and safely wherever we operate.

We have entered the market with a different vision. A vision to change the way the construction industries operate. We are strong practitioners of project management techniques and with the help of our qualified and dedicated workforce, we have been sailing in the direction of advanced time keeping methodologies. Over the years, we have reinforced our commitment by delivering disciplined and prudent results and pride ourselves on delivering finesse products well before time.

Green Sustainability

While generating ideas for the design of buildings, our main objectives are to reduce the depletion of critical resources, prevent environmental degradation and create built environments that are livable and productive. We are dedicated to the improvement of environmental performance of buildings, increasing the sustainability of building and reducing the impact on the environment. We are a one-shot stop for green technology expertise and application. Through our knowledge of symbiotic and green manufacturing, we understand the damage done to the environment and use materials and processes to combat the same.

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Our people, local presence, products, technology and track records are all things we’re proud of. In an industry which focuses largely on the two parameters of speed and quality, our major area of focus lies in Advanced Time Management. With the help of excelling in this area, we succeed in providing our clients with something that our competitors are lacking in: Before time quality delivery. We’ve been aced and awarded in respect to providing finished and good quality results before time. Time is one of our most valued assets and we are accustomed to revolve around it.

  • Theory of Constraints: It is a project management methodology which increases the efficiency of project. With the help of our knowledge base, we’ve come up with advanced project management techniques, which focus on the time constraint and lead to delivery of quality products well before the delivery date, unlike our competitors who focus more on Speed and Cost, resulting to delays in the delivery time and mismanagement of the time chart.
  • Critical Chain Project Management: It is an outgrowth of the TOC. While the latter focuses on dealing with the constraint, the former deals in focusing on identifying the constraint. We practice both the techniques so that no plate is left unturned. We strongly practice CCPM for the efficient performance of our work force and for the delivery of our products to you well before the deadline.
  • Growth: Growing our product range and our market presence.
  • Safety: Ensuring the best health-interest of the employees
  • Technology: Enhancing our engineering and operational capabilities.
  • Scale: Reliable, honest and boundary pushers.
  • Time: Focusing on time management over speed.
  • Sustainability: Practitioners of Green construction.
  • Delivery: Delivery of finesse products before time.
  • Customers: Building strong, customer relationships and targeting their satisfaction.



In SERENITY the quality factor does not suffer under any circumstances. We never settle for low quality services due to the budget target and hence, working under budgetary based projects do not constitute as our cup of tea. The main motive of our deliverables is a strong focus on the quality of our services. If for instance, our project gets completed before time but the designated quality is not hit dues to any natural or unavoidable circumstances or any undulations in finishing, we scrap off our whole work and start from the scratch. Providing quality services and results form the element of our work and cannot be compromised with.

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