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How To Protect Your Walls During Monsoon?

Monsoon is the most exhilarating time of the year, after hot summer days. It brings a feeling of relaxation and calmness. The ambience is rejuvenating. But unfortunately, the dampness and seepage are a common monsoon problem. Most of the times, problems occur during or after the monsoon season.

Why is there a seepage during monsoon?

During monsoon, moisture gets retained in walls which results in dampness, cracked walls and peeling paint. Blend of dampness and moisture can cause a huge damage to the walls.

A low-grade paint is the biggest cause for the damage of walls. Water seeps through exterior paint and gets collected in pores present in concrete moisture and causes damage to walls. The moisture retained in these pores continue to effect even after repainting the external walls.

What are the early signs of seepage?

  1. Wet walls
  2. Mold and fungi on walls and corners after dampness
  3. Rotting of wooden door panels and window panes
  4. Water accumulation inside the house
  5. Cracks in the walls

What are the ways of preventing walls from the monsoon?

    1. Use good quality paints:
      Employ the use of good quality paints that have a higher water repellency and are modified with silicon for extra strength. Coat of waterproof cement paint ensures the minimum absorption of water by the wall. And the usage of damp proofer will also ensure to reduce the damage considerably.Premium paints are a good choice during this period as they prevent alkali and efflorescence attacks. Premium paints prevent the formation of salt patches on wall. Include Silicon based and Polymer based paints.
    2. Prevent seepage:
      Filling the cracks with waterproof mortar and sealing them helps in preventing seepage. In case of structural cracks, widen them in a ā€˜Vā€™ shape and fill it with putty and then paint it. Before painting, remove the loose plaster and apply a new one.
    3. Ensure proper drainage:
      Ensuring a good drainage system will help in preventing the seepage. Ensure that the pipes are well sealed. Prevent water from accumulating on your rooftop. Install a good drainage system to prevent any seepage of your walls.
    4. Remove damaged tiles and water pipes:
      Replace the damaged tiles with the new ones. If they are avoided, damaged tiles and drainage pipes may harm as the water goes directly into the walls.

With precaution and care you can enjoy the greetings of this season.

Note: – Avoid painting the walls right after the monsoon season as the walls retain the moisture from the rain for a long time.

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