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Developing a construction project is no longer limited only to the mere elements of designing, cost creation or the financing part of the construction contractors.

It includes a multi-faceted dimension which involves various other important industry verticals such as-

  • Innovative engineering
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creating iconic structures
  • An accurate technical expertise.

We, at Serenity developers, are proud of the fact that we have incorporated all the above elements seamlessly in our philosophy. We aim at transforming the Real estate industry by being strong advocates of advanced project management techniques.

For all your construction needs, we at Serenity are your go-to address as-

  • We strive on the principles of transparency.
  • Fast-tracking of all our projects is our primary motto.
  • Providing client satisfaction and quality to our esteemed customers at any cost.

We provide our services for a spectrum of different industry verticals-

  • Project advising
  • Design services
  • Engineering, procurement ,and construction
  • Finishing.

Project advising-

At Serenity, our top industry experts combine their technical knowledge and real estate parameters to create a fine blueprint of the project. It gives the prospective client a rough idea of the land resources and how can it be ideally utilized to its optimum potential. As home construction does not merely involve only the construction contractors, project consultants have to focus on the other various aspects such as a rough estimate of the project, the designing of the site, materials to be used and the use of technology.

Design services-

Our top design experts create a fine layout or a representation of the project plan which involves less or no changes. This enables faster execution of the projects and a quick decision making which will prove to save time in the long run.

Engineering and construction-

After the initial planning of the projects, comes the execution or the practical aspects of constructing a building; Serenity’s highly talented team of engineers, construction contractors and laborers, work relentlessly on the site to ensure an architectural masterpiece. We are proud of the fact that all the materials used in the building of the project adhere to all the safety and top quality standards.

The finishing touch-

At Serenity, our every project is guarded with a personal touch, so that the end result is a perfect one. Once a project gets completed, next is the maintenance of the project, which also involves the marketability and the up-keep of the project.

With our highly talented and knowledgeable team we aim at making every project of ours a work of art combined with sophistication and class.

For when the work gets completed, we ensure that the handover is carried out in a streamlined manner with no hassles.

Established in the year 2011, Serenity has been growing year to year adding new and esteemed projects to its portfolio.

Our motto as mentioned above rests on the primary principle of honesty and ethics and we strive to keep customer satisfaction on the top agenda. We, as a team are not just aimed at creating architectural marvels but we want to create a strong foothold in the real estate sector by perfecting our work ethics and adding new dimensions to our profile.

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